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Best product I like u so much

Super fit watch, i love the product, delivery fast, looking so good in hand, all features using internet.


How much incoming contacts will saved ??

Hello sir , You cam save as many contacts as you can manually by fitpro App

This personal handheld massager gun helps me overcome muscle soreness, relieve body fatigue, combat stiffness and spasms . Most importantly i can enjoy my deep tissue massage at home and even after my match or intense training sessions. This massager gun comes with 4 interchangeable head attachments and have 3 different speed levels ,which allows you to get appropriate amount of pressure to relieve your muscle pain . It helps in promoting circulation and improves range of motion and helps in recovery .
This massager gun is my go to product after every gym session and match , it helps me recover faster which enables me to give my best on the ground .

Great smart watch in Budget

Great smart watch in Budget

Can be used without internet

What all features can be used without internet

Gun muscle massager relaxer

A one of the best product of fix feel.
Like smart watch plus temperature indicator bottle.
All the products best and at competitive price.
Hats off to fix feel and team.
I personally feel proud to use their products.



This smart watch is awesome and design is awesome good price in this product

Best quality

The look is very nice and very much efficient worth buying.

Smart Watch Bracelet Band

Great smart watch in budget.

Great smart watch in budget. Waited for some time before giving review and monitored the device performance. Performance and battery life is great and no other issue with this as of now. Gifted to my father on his birthday and he is very happy😄

Smart Watch Bracelet Band

Very impressive

Smart Watch Bracelet Band

Smart Watch Bracelet Band

The reading of heart rate and pressure is not true

must buy

Smart Watch Bracelet Band


Smart Watch Bracelet Band

Nice product end battery🔋🔋🔋 super❤❤❤

Smart Watch Bracelet Band

nice product 😍

Came with a watch with a watch open

Nyc product

Sucks has loaded and it not alloy

Verry nice watch verry fast delivery good

Smart Watch Bracelet Band

Looks Good...nice..need to Change Watch faces

Good product

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