Lint Remover Is The Best Lint Fabric Cleaner

Lint Remover Is The Best Lint Fabric Cleaner
Most lint is made up of tiny fibers from our clothes, scraped loose through everyday wear-and-tear. Lint tends to clump together due to static cling, meaning you’ll see it most often after doing the laundry. Only some clothing fibers create lint, mainly cottons and polyesters. Spandex and lycra are more lint resistant because of their elastic fibers.
"fuzz consisting especially of fine ravelings and short fibers of yarn and fabric." also describes lint as "... the accumulation of fibers that slough off clothing, linens and other textiles." So basically, in everyday terms, lint is little pieces of your clothing that come off from friction or washing and gather together to make white specks or pills on your clothes or a big grey cloud in your dryer's lint trap.
There are tons of ways to prevent lint buildup during routine washing and drying. The main thing to keep in mind is that lint loves friction, static, and heat. If you can prevent all three of these offenders, lint will generally avoid your wardrobe.

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